Here, you’ll find the official AcuGraph Basic Training Course, which is the course ALL AcuGraph users are enrolled in that teaches you how to use AcuGraph and integrate it into your clinic. By passing the tests for Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the AcuGraph Basic Training Course, you’ll receive your ACP (AcuGraph Certified Practitioner) designation!

*This course is FREE for all current AcuGraph 5 users! Simply log into your Learning Portal account to access the training. If you’d like to learn more about AcuGraph and using it in practice, but do not own AcuGraph, feel free to watch any of the free webinars in the section below!


AcuGraph Training: Part 1 – AcuGraph Basics


AcuGraph Training: Part 2 – Using AcuGraph in Practice


AcuGraph Training: Part 3 – Patient Communication

Here, you’ll find courses related to AcuGraph. Topics range from AcuGraph basics, to advanced software usage and treatment techniques. If you’re an AcuGraph User, there’s something here for you! Some courses are free and open to all, while others require an active AcuGraph subscription, or carry additional costs.

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Acupuncture Channel Theory: The Secret Sauce to Successful Treatment of “Medical Lost Causes” – 2 CEUs


Diagnosing and Treating Cycle-Related Shen Disturbances – 1 CEU

Foundations of Electrical Diagnosis with Dr. Jeremy Steiner – 3 CEUs


Webinar Class: 8 AcuGraph Features you Likely Aren’t Using — But Should!

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