Webinar Class: Power in the Protocol – AcuGraph and the Kidney Return

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What You’ll Learn: We’ve all encountered patients who, for whatever reason, seem to have very little qi available with which to work. Such patients can be challenging, and may not respond well until their qi has been replenished. One of the first steps in treating such patients is to rally what qi reserves are available, to jump-start the meridian system and restore proper flow. Tadashi Irie’s Kidney Return Protocol is the perfect approach. It is fast, easy to perform, and highly effective. Now incorporated into AcuGraph, the Kidney Return Protocol will help you get better results with your toughest patients.

We’ll Cover:

  • What the Kidney Return Protocol does
  • When to use it
  • How to apply it
  • And the results you can expect!

If you want to learn a new, advanced, and powerful treatment protocol, this is the class for you.

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