Webinar Class: AcuGraph – Why Does it Work?

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What You’ll Learn: In this webinar, Dr. Adrian Larsen will give you the straight facts about graphing with AcuGraph in an easy-to-understand, non-boring format format. You’ll hear the technical side of HOW and WHY AcuGraph works so that you’ll be better equipped to talk about it with your patients. Patients love graphing! But they just as often get a little “too” interested, and want to know more about it. Be prepared to share the story with this non-boring, only slightly technical, look at what you do–and why it works!

We’ll Cover:

  •  Where did graphing come from?
    • Know your technique with this brief historical primer!
  • The Japanese Connection
    • Do they still do it over there? How?
  • The Electrical Side of Things
    • How to answer your patients’ technical questions with confidence.

Knowing a little more about what’s going on “under the hood” will help you be a better, more confident practitioner, able to more easily explain what you do and how AcuGraph works.

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