Diagnosing and Treating Cycle-Related Shen Disturbances – 1 CEU

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About Dr. Mackenzie

Dr. Mackenzie Agnew is a Doctor of Acupuncture in Alberta, Canada. After interning for several years, she opened her practice, The Human Experience Clinic, in a beautiful small town one year ago. Her mission at the clinic is to help patients live this human experience to the fullest by optimizing their body’s innate capability to heal and getting to the root of disease. She spends anywhere from 30-120 mins with each patient, each visit, and believes that a deep, human connection is an important aspect of healing. When she’s not buried in a textbook researching a patient’s case, you can find her in the gym—she has been an avid bodybuilder since age 15.

What You’ll Learn in This Course

  • How to recognize common meridian imbalances which contribute to Shen disturbance pre- and intra- menstruation
  • How to use multiple forms of diagnosisincluding meridian graphing, pulse and tongue diagnosis, and lab work/hormonal testing 
  • How to create a treatment plan which addresses the underlying imbalancesAND help with acute symptoms
  • How to combine multiple modalities(cranial electrotherapy stimulation, needles and/or bodywork, dietary, herbal and exercise recommendations, supplementation, emotional clearing, infrared heat)
  • How to understand signs of improvement on the path to healing (common timeframes, progress and setbacks, etc)

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