Pointoselect Digital Exclusive, 8-Part Training Course

Those who have purchased the Pointoselect Digital directly from Miridia Technology will be given access to an exclusive, 8-part training course that will teach you how to use the Pointoselect Digital for best results.

If you purchased the Pointoselect Digital from another company, you will not be able to access our training course.

  • Video 1: User Manual
  • Video 2: Quick-Start Training
  • Video 3: Tips for Getting Started
  • Video 4: Setting up and Using Frequencies
  • Video 5: Treating Body Points
  • Video 6: Manual vs Automatic Sensitivity
  • Video 7: Proper Ear Scanning Technique
  • Video 8: Fixing the “No HS” Error

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Other Pointoselect Digital Courses

Below you can see other courses related to the Pointoselect Digital, some with CEU credit! If you’re considering purchasing the Pointoselect Digital, or have the Pointoselect Digital and would like some additional, more in-depth training about the unit, consider enrolling in the courses below! You’ll need to log into your Learning Portal account before you can enroll in new courses.

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