Charged Smile: Diagnosis and Treatment of Terrain Through Tooth Circuitry – 2.5 CEUs

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2.5 CEU Credits – NCCAOM, California and Florida

Dr. Jeremy B. Steiner, Ph.D., DAOM, is a world-renowned teacher, acupuncturist, and clinical supervisor with over 15 years of experience in acupuncture and integrative medicine. His dedication to holistic healthcare and his expertise in electro-acupuncture has made him a valuable asset in both clinical and educational settings. His innovative approach to treatment and his passion for patient-centered care continues to inspire his peers and benefit patients around the world.

Jeremy’s innovative contributions to the field include the development of The P3 Acupuncture System and the Electron Adapted Neurotherapy Protocols. These inventions have made a significant impact, helping numerous individuals recover from severe and chronic diseases. He has also trained over 3000 acupuncturists, enabling them to employ these techniques to improve their patient’s lives and well-being.

What You’ll Learn

  • Unearth the significance of terrain theory in electroacupuncture, allowing you to translate theoretical concepts into actionable techniques within your practice.
  • Gain proficiency in understanding polarity reversals and the influence of positive charge on health outcomes, enhancing your ability to apply this knowledge in clinical scenarios.
  • Master a unique Ryodoraku utilization approach, focusing on resistance measurements within acupuncture channels. Discover how these readings, through specific formulas, infer mV levels, enabling an indirect analysis of acupuncture and dental terrains. Learn to interpret polarity presentations Ryodoraku technique, enhancing diagnosis accuracy and treatment personalization.
  • Grasp the connection between dental health and acupuncture channels, equipping yourself with the ability to identify deficient channels via dental markers, subsequently crafting more precise treatment strategies.
  • Equip yourself with robust and effective protocols to improve patient outcomes and revolutionize your practice’s healing approach.

Consider the following while you watch:

  • Explain the concept of terrain theory and its role in electroacupuncture. How does understanding terrain theory impact a practitioner’s ability to diagnose and treat patients effectively?
  • Discuss the relationship between cellular regeneration and disease. How can the knowledge of cellular regeneration times be applied to treatment strategies in electroacupuncture?
  • Define the role of electrons and their function as antioxidants in the context of human health and electroacupuncture. How do electrons play a vital role in patient treatment and outcomes?

 After viewing the video course, you will need to complete the essay-style worksheet test and pass the associated multiple choice quiz with at least a 70% to receive credit.

CEU Credit Information

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Note: Course must be completed within 1 year from day of enrollment.

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