Webinar Class: PIE in the Face – What the AcuGraph P.I.E. Scores Really Mean

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What You’ll Learn: This webinar class, taught by Dr. Adrian Larsen and Dr. Kimberly Thompson, is all about the PIE score. What’s it for? Where does it come from? Does the PIE score matter? Whether you’re using AcuGraph 5 or an older version of the software, this webinar will apply equally to you. Perhaps you’re even one of the users who have asked specifically for more training on it. Your questions will likely be answered here!

We’ll Cover:

• The ins and outs of PIE scores and what they mean in practice.

• What goes into a PIE score calculation, and why it’s important.

• Tips to Make PIE score more relevant and useful in your practice.

If you want to gain a better understanding of the PIE score in AcuGraph and what it means for your patients and your treatments, this is the class for you!

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