Webinar Class: Laser Acupuncture – That Marvelous Light

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What You’ll Learn: After almost 20 years of using and creating lasers, Dr. Adrian Larsen has learned a thing or two about what makes an effective laser, and how to treat effectively. Almost as soon as lasers were invented, their biological effects became a fascinating topic of exploration. Today, lasers are known to be safe and effective tools, producing wonderful effects, without the need for needles. In this webinar we’ll examine the practicalities of laser acupuncture, with emphasis on getting results.If you want to lean more about laser acupuncture, this webinar will be worth the hour of your time.

We’ll Cover the Following:

  • What makes laser light unique, and why it works so well
  • Wavelength and dose considerations
  • How to choose the right laser
  • Treatment protocols for best results

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