Webinar Class: Auriculotherapy Gems from Dr. Nogier

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What You’ll Learn: A few days after attending an Auriculotherapy Master Class from Dr. Paul Nogier, Kimberly & Adrian excitedly put together a webinar—a conglomeration of all the remarkable things they learned. Dr. Nogier shared interesting and actionable information about getting better results with auriculotherapy that Adrian and Kimberly are excited to relay to you here.

We’ll Cover:

  • Some of the surprising history of Auriculotherapy development;
  • Why electrical points and painful points MUST be treated differently—and in the right order; and
  • Scars and Dental Foci: These may just be the roadblocks, preventing you from getting better results

If you want to up your game as an auriculotherapist, get better results in your practice and heighten your knowledge and clinical skills, this is the class for you!

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