The AcuGraph 3 Level Balance with Dr. Jake Fratkin

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The 3-Level Balance is the culmination of work started in the 1970s with Yoshio Manaka, developed through his followers at the Topological Society in Japan, and brought to fruition through Miki Shima’s Somatic-Auricular Therapy (SAT) in the 1990s. Now, it’s the favorite technique of Dr. Jake Paul Fratkin. In this one-of-a-kind training, Dr. Fratkin delves into how to diagnose and complete this basic treatment using the primary, extraordinary and divergent channels. The diagnostic aspect is incorporated in the AcuGraph menus, making this very interesting acupuncture approach available to ALL of the users of the AcuGraph. The basic treatment for these three systems requires only 8 needles, providing a very efficient, yet deep approach for promoting self-healing, boosting vitality and enhancing immune response. This basic treatment serves as a foundation root treatment that can then be followed with branch treatment using your method of choice.

We’ll Cover:

  • The Primary channels
  • The 8 Extraordinary channels
  • The Divergent channels.
  • Using AcuGraph’s treatment menu as your guide
  • Japanese needling technique
  • Basics of ion pumping cords
  • Putting it all together

If you want to learn a powerful, advanced acupuncture technique from a true acupuncture master, this is the course for you.

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