Educating Your Patients and The Stubborn Graph – 3 CEUs

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3 CEU Credits – NCCAOM

*No California or Florida Credit Available

What You’ll Learn: In this course from our 2018 AcuGrowth Symposium, Dr. Kimberly Thompson shares a powerful key to practice success: the Six Treatment Philosophy. She’ll teach you how to encourage your patients to book a series of visits, which will increase their chances of a successful recovery, improve your clinic’s volume, and convert patients to your longterm care. You’ll also learn advanced graph analysis strategies, and tips to empower your patients with home care recommendations and education. Finally, learn about the link between a patient’s actions and beliefs and their healing journey, and how to identify and release underlying emotional trauma or triggers that could be preventing healing and growth.

Instructions: While viewing course materials, please consider these questions:

  1. List four of Kimberly’s Six-Treatment Philosophy:
  2. Share two of your favorite quotes from this presentation:
  3. According to this presentation list 5 ways you can plant seeds for your own personal growth as a practitioner:
  4. List two ways a practitioner can balance a patient’s graph:

When you have completed the course work, you will be required to answer these questions on the course worksheet prior to receiving your end-of-course assessment for credit.

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Please await receipt of your official certificate from NCCAOM. It may take 2-5 business days.

Note: Course must be completed within 1 year from day of enrollment.

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