Acupuncture Growth Symposium 2023

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The Heavenly Energy: A Deeper Understanding of Qi
2 Hours
Dr. Adrian Larsen

Treating Nicotine Addiction
1.5 Hours
Dr. Mark Crapo

The “Missing Link” in Health Care
1 Hour
Dr. Kenzi Agnew

Atemi Waza: Acupuncture Points for Self Defense
1 Hour
Dr. Mark Crapo

Acupuncture Channel Theory: The Secret Sauce to Successful Treatment of “Medical Lost Causes”
2 Hours
Dr. Kimberly Thompson

Charged Smile: Diagnosis and Treatment of Terrain Through Tooth Circuitry
2.5 Hours
Dr. Jeremy Steiner

Electroacupuncture Practicum
1 Hour
Dr. Jeremy Steiner & Dr. Adrian Larsen

Q&A Session and Closing Remarks
.5 Hour
Round Table Discussion

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