Intro to Acupuncture and AcuGraph Patient Education Presentations

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This product includes 2 presentations, an “Introduction to Acupuncture” presentation and an “AcuGraph Patient Education” presentation. Both are fully customizable and are delivered in both Keynote and PPT formats.

Designed for 20-30 minutes speaking time, the “Introduction to Acupuncture” presentation starts with an excellent overview of acupuncture theory, research and practice. It also covers history and theory of Ryodoraku, and the unique role of AcuGraph in providing the best quality care for your patients.

The “AcuGraph Patient Education” presentation gives background information about acupuncture, and focuses on what sets you apart as an AcuGraph practitioner. The slides were each professionally designed; in fact, we spent over 30 hours preparing this presentation to help you “wow” your audience. It’s the perfect resource for sharing what you do as an acupuncturist and an AcuGraph User. Positive and upbeat, this presentation is a winner with patients and helps turn the curious into the committed.

These presentations will likely pay for themselves the first time you give either of them! What are you waiting for? Get in front of an audience and breathe new life into your practice.

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