Chronic Pain: A System that Makes Sense – 3 CEUs

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3 CEU Credits – NCCAOM and California

*No Florida Credit Available

What You’ll Learn: In this course from our 2019 AcuGrowth symposium, Dr. Kimberly shares her powerful system for treating chronic pain patients. You’ll learn the ins and outs of analyzing acupuncture meridian paths ways on an external, muscular, and internal level to help you understand trends and tailor your treatment to each patient. She’ll share her complete, multimodality approach to treating chronic pain, including palpation, pathways, points, tools, and auriculotherapy. Finally, you’ll watch full demonstrations from intake to treatment that will give you tools to talk to your patients and provide fast relief and lasting results.

Instructions: While viewing course materials, please consider these questions:

  1. Tendinomuscular pathways are valuable for treating chronic qi and blood stagnation. Explain the differences between tendinomuscular pathways and main acupuncture pathways:
  2. List at least three major acupuncture crossing points which help to alleviate qi and blood stagnation in the neck, head and shoulders.
  3. Describe what makes a root treatment different than a branch treatment:
  4. Describe the treatment philosophies for using ion pumping cords during an acupuncture session:

When you have completed the course work, you will be required to answer these questions on the course worksheet prior to receiving your end-of-course assessment for credit.

CEU Credit Information

After you have completed all required steps, including viewing the module, completing the worksheet and submitting the quiz, we will log your information with the appropriate credit-issuing agency (NCCAOM). Once we have logged your information, NCCAOM will send you an access link via email to download your official certificate. The certificate will show the date, your name, your license number, the course name and number, and the number of credits/hours attained.

Please await receipt of your official certificate from NCCAOM. It may take 2-5 business days.

What About California Credit?

If you need California credit, our California Provider number (#1028) will also be listed on your NCCAOM certificate. Many practitioners find this is all they need to satisfy requirements.

We can create a separate California certificate if necessary. Reach out to us via he**@mi*********.com for assistance. 

Note: Course must be completed within 1 year from day of enrollment.

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