AcuGraph Training

BONUS TRAINING: Using the Divergent Treatment Option in AcuGraph

Learn how to perform the Divergent Treatment (or Divergent Channel Protocol) using AcuGraph’s helpful divergent treatment option. This option is incredibly versatile, powerful and effective, but it can sometimes be confusing to understand. We’ve built out a way in AcuGraph to easily see what to treat based on the patient’s graph, where to place ion …

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AcuGraph Point Location Training

What You’ll Learn: If you’re an AcuGraph User, you know that point location is everything! Learn Dr. Kimberly Thompson and Dr. Adrian Larsen’s best tips for locating points accurately, every time. Points have energetic and electric locations that you can learn to feel if you know what to look for. If you’re interested in improving your …

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AcuGraph Demonstration

What You’ll Learn: In this impromptu demonstration and training from our 2019 AcuGrowth Symposium, Dr. Kimberly shares the ins and outs of using AcuGraph to aid in diagnosis and treatment. From start to finish, she’ll teach you the process of intake, graphing, pattern recognition and planning a treatment to perfectly fit your patient’s need. Complete …

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