Webinar Class: It Pays to be a Foodie

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What You’ll Learn: Are you interested in adding TCM dietary therapies to your clinical regiment? Kimberly believes being a TCM Foodie should be fun AND it should help you generate income— and in these fun and helpful webinars, she’ll show you how to do it! Along with marketing strategies, she’ll share how she creates her own recipes for common patient complaints.

We’ll Cover:

  • How to become a TCM Foodie Expert
  • Tips to get CREATIVE with TCM Food Therapy
  • Strategies for making money as a TCM Foodie Expert

This module includes 2 webinars, the Introductory Course and the It Pays to be a Foodie course. The additional resources mentioned within the webinar are also included! If you want to learn more about TCM dietary therapies and how to use the dietary recommendations in AcuGraph, this is the course for you!